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On the previous page we have addressed the various vibrational parts of our world system and they first divided into visible and invisible or into on both sides. Considering the analogies the two parts of the world we can continue to divide, and we can classify them as the floors of a building in several floors (levels):

a. The spiritual levels (part of the unseen which is enabled to organize, to manage und to create).

b. Then there are more subtle levels (part of the Unseen), which constitute quasi the aura of the people.

c. The lowest energy level is the gross level (the visible)

The division into these three areas would have something to do with the aspects of body, soul and spirit. Based on spirit-soul-body thoughts there is a ranking of the universe levels. So, it can be seen a natural hierarchy in the energetic influence. We come, as well, into line with the trinity thoughts in which the body-soul-spirit-thought is an analogy of the trinity. And to emphasize the hierarchy, we bring the trinity thoughts in the correct order: spirit, soul, body.

1. Spiritual range of the Universe (top level(s) in the universe)

2. Mentally subtle area of the universe (middle level(s) in the universe)

3. Physical area of the universe (lowest level of the universe)



Justification of the hierarchy and illustration:theater playertheater player

1. Spirit, which has the threads of the visible in the hand (like the theater Player of the puppet theater)

2. Suptle realm, which is quite the threads (like the threads of dolls)



3. Physical area, which is represented by the dolls (the dolls are without the players only dead puppets)





If we consider again the different trinity systems, it is clear, that the shadow, which is casted from the interior of the bubble to the brane, can’t be a cause. The shadow (body) can only be a pure effect. But only the light (spirit) which is in the interior of the bubble, can be the cause of this projection. This means, that our considerations related to the hierarchy are quite convenient to the brane theory.