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Arthur Schopenhauer to metaphysicsArthur Schopenhauer to metaphysics


The basic assumptions of physics, as taught to me, are:

1. At the beginning there was nothing
2. Out of nowhere, the world was created as a random product


It was concluded or made believe:
a. Matter only is with itself in energy interaction.
b. Only the world is real, which we can perceive, measure, find physically and/or see.
c. That the mind is a product of matter, where spirit is equated with brain.
d. We are apathetic (passive) observers as part of the universe.


It should be said that, if one of the assumptions is wrong, then it must necessarily everything else be wrong which is built logically on these assumptions. In the course of this analysis, we are able to see that the two basic assumptions are wrong.

One of the key findings of physics now is the fact, that the universe is non-linear. This means that the universe as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We can illustrate this by the net of pearls. pearl netpearl netIn this Illustration the pearls represent all we can physically perceive or measure (= all parts of the universe). But if the whole is greater than what we can physically perceive or measure, the pearl network itself (without pearls) must be the invisible. In consequence there are more than we can see/ observe / perceive. We also can see, that this “more" makes up more in quantity than we can directly measure with our physical measurement techniques. For example, the physics have determined the percentage of matter to the universe and have found the following percentages:

- Matter: about 4%
- Dark Matter: approximately 23%
- Dark Energy: about 73%


In consequence, the invisible or a part thereof may be something which holds together the visible as a network. This invisible we call metaphysical.


Justification of metaphysics. According to quantum physics, any atomic particles belonging to a specific atom somewhere in our body, can be everywhere in the universe at a given moment. But over a long period of time, it will be very likely in the vicinity of this atom, that is floating around there. While such an electron is on its way, it infinitely encounter many other micro-particles, which in turn also go their way. It is as if children go away from home without the supervision of their parents to explore the world. How could a child find back to the house, if it is without orientation?

It is similar with an electron belonging to a particular atom, which is on his expedition in the infinite universe and which is exposed on its way countless collisions and interactions. Without a leading, organizing or directing size, it’s hardly conceivable, that an electron always returns to its original place or corresponding vicinity. Hence in logical viewpoint, we have to postulate a leading, organizing or directing size for all quantum particles. But the pearls itself can’t represent such a size, rather the net of pearls (without the pearls). So we have to postulate, that the metaphysics or a part thereof, representing by the net of pearls, is such a leading, organizing or directing size.

Bruce Lipton, epigeneticsBruce Lipton, epigenetics 

Properties of the metaphysical. Recent findings in brain research suggest that the brain processes are based on self-regulatory processes (analog heating control). This means that the brain is indeed suitable for programs but not for creativity. It not only responds to stimuli or impulses but also on our consciousness (how and what we consciously and unconsciously think and feel). The latest findings of the epigenetics indicate that the genes are read at any moment and that the reading of genes has to do with our attitudes, beliefs and internal programs. For example, we can produce 150000 proteins. For this, according to the ancient knowledge 150000 genes would be necessary. But we only have about 23000 genes. Experiments on stem cells show how much the field / area is responsible for the development of the cells. Thus, from stem cells, depending on the environment / surroundings it can be formed fat cells, muscles, bones and other body parts. The gene itself (without any information field) is not able to determine whether the cell is a muscle, fat or any other cell.

So far, the nucleus was regarded as the brain of the cell. This is not so, because the cell can live without nucleus. The nucleus is only responsible for the reproduction of cells. Who or what then is the "brain" of the cell? It seems to be the cell membrane. The cell membrane determines which information passes into the cells. The signals pass through the membrane into the cell and change the proteins, which moves according to the information that arrives at the cell. This information determines how the gene has to be read. The gene is nothing more than the plan (blueprint), which can always be rewritten. So may be formed from 1 gene 30000 variants. Finally, the latest experimental results of the epigenetics point that our beliefs create a field that is responsible for how the genes are read and which proteins are formed.

The consequence of this is, that health and disease depend on how the genes are read. Further investigations revealed that the heart field interacts with the DNA and the DNA influences the reading of genes as well as the entire environment. Placebo effect or phenomena under hypnosis indicate, that forces act, that cannot be explained by purely physical understandings. So, the effectiveness of placebos makes it clear that our bodies do not distinguish between a chemical process and the thought of a chemical process. These described forces are presumed in the invisible (metaphysics or a part of it).


What does that entail?

1. The Invisible must be, for reasons of logic, at least in part, a leading and organizing size (-> intelligence).

2. The invisible must be capable, at least in parts, to steer in an energetic way (-> intelligence).

3. The invisible must be at least in parts even a creative size, which is solely attributable to intelligence. Matter itself can hardly have this function, because it doesn’t seem to be able to lead, guide or organize anything.


Related consequence:

1. The fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,

2. The fact that observation is not possible without connection,

3. The logical requirement that a creative intelligence behind everything must be inserted,

leads to a further requirement, namely that the whole thing has a definite meaning and purpose. In this regard Stephen W. Hawking supplies an idea. In his book "universe in a nutshell" he writes: "So maybe we think we live in a four-dimensional world because we are shadows cast on the brane by what is happening in the interior of the bubble". This projections of shadows on the brane provide the idea, that there must be a certain reason. So, to recognize our meaning and purpose in our lives, the analogies could help us.





Conclusions drawn from analogies:

1. Man just consists not only of the visible body, but also of an intelligent (not visible) part.

2. In terms of our world system, this means that our world can roughly be divided into two parts: visible and invisible.

This can be illustrated as follows. If we look at the universe, we see or we perceive the matter. It consists mainly of protons, neutrons and electrons. If we take the protons and neutrons closer look, we see that they are composed of quarks. If we perceive quarks, we do not perceive at the same time the protons and neutrons true, and vice versa. Thus, while the one kind of particle is visible or observable, the other is not visible or not observable. So, there exist two different areas, but we can observe only one of these two areas depending on the energy (depending on the viewing or standpoint). We have to note, that between these two areas there is no separation by space or time!!!

If we can have an even higher or closer look at quarks, we might still find higher forms of energy that we could call "ether" for example. And over the "ether" we might find more higher-energy areas such as the emotional, mental and spiritual realm, and so on, until we find a space at the end, which could represent the ground state of the whole universe. Then we would have arrived at something we could call God.

This idea therefore is not so far-fetched, because God is seen in the religions as the basis of life or the very basis of all things. We know the terms "world" and "underworld(s)" in religious writings and/or fairy tales. These are all indications that the world might have different vibration regions. In the Spiritual Science it is spoken of vibrational levels, which would be consistent with the brane theory from which Stephen W. Hawking spokes in his book “universe in a nutshell”. And thus, it is conceivable and logical to require quite possible that we have several areas or levels in the universe that could roughly be divided into visible and invisible sides (on both sides). So, we can view the world as a single world system which has different areas and from which we can only observe one of these areas at the same time, in which they are not separated by space or time. A perceptible separation is more a question of filter effects or the like.


Here the postulation of higher energy levels in detail (as pdf) .


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