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Science is strictly according to definitions in order to explain certain things. However, we consider that in the strict sense definitions are elements of non-understanding. Who understands does not need the definition to himself, except to those to whom he wants to convey something. If we really want to understand the spirit, there is only the opportunity to experience our spirit inwardly. Only in this case we can understand and the definition is even unnecessary. If we understand the spirit, we understand the world, because the world is not something separate from our spirit. It is a creation of our spirit. In this respect, we can understand the world only if we are in the state of spiritual awareness. However, I try to put the spirit in words.

  1. Spirit is living energy, that is equipped with a cause function. Only a size, which is alive, can cause something in a specific manner. One could define living energy as spirit.
  2. Spirit is capable of knowledge.
  3. Spirit is higher energetic energy which is not subjected to the corpuscle-wave duality. Spirit is immaterial and non-dual, which means that he is pure energy. Matter is not a pure energy because it has two different properties, wherein one of these both properties is not at all similar to energy. Because the spirit has no property of a corpuscle, he may be even in very small dimension, such as the string dimensions are taking place. This allows the spirit to be present in multidimensional spaces at the same time.
  4. And if we still allow the brane theory the spirit can even fill completely the inside of the bubble. Because the material world is placed in a low-dimensional space, it is like a cut or a flat projection of the higher-dimensional space. This explains, among other things, that matter is completely delivered in the "hands" of these higher dimensional energies.
  5. Spirit can experience different levels of consciousness. He can resonate with the matter vibrations to identify himself with the body. Then, the perception of the higher spiritual areas ordinarily is not possible, except in meditation. Due to the resonance with the matter vibrations the higher vibrations are filtered out, so the awareness of our true spirituality is veiled. Only in situations of relaxation, rest or meditation it can be achieved short-term decoupling of the matter vibrations, for example to hear the inner voice or to catch a creative idea or of a symphony like Mozart symphony.
  6. By taken away our thoughts from the body and the world through meditation, we can cancel this resonance, which quasi acts as a matter binding, to get into a higher state of consciousness of real knowledge. In this case, our spirit automatically enters into higher dimensions and can influence matter specifically.
  7. Spirit in his essential nature is independent of space-time. He takes this bond true only as long as he is in resonance with the matter vibrations.
  8. That part of our spirit that is bound to the matter vibrations through resonance, is only a small part of our whole spirit. One speaks of the subconscious, higher self and highest self. These are all other aspects of our total spirit. Only someone who’s connected with all his spiritual aspects can overcome matter.
  9. A goal may be, through various exercises (contemplation, meditation, exercise saint moment [see the book 'A Course in Miracles'], etc.) to come into an enlightened state, where the matter binding is abolished forever. This leads then to a truly free and unbound existence, which allows us to fulfill our true destiny altogether. A deficiency is no longer to be feared. To move towards that goal it could be the ultimate goal on earth practically. Every person is worthy to achieve this goal in purity and humility.