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This website will be abandoned in the near future because the content has meanwhile been integrated into my new, comprehensive website www.franzguenterleicht.de/en/. That is still being worked on, but can already be viewed.



Famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Kurt Gödel and Erwin Schrödinger have always pointed to the existence of metaphysics. However, this issue was not pursued by mainstream scientists to the present day. Now is the time to really deepen this topic. Even Stephen W. Hawking opens gates to metaphysics in his statements, which you can read in his books, as we will see.

Now, I invite you to take a trip across faith and knowledge. May be, in the end, you find yourself in the area of Metaphysics.

See also my newest website: franzguenterleicht.de


Franz Günter Leicht, Gardelegen, Germany, 01/27/2020


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